Multi-functional Bowser

The Challenge

As manufactures we are often asked for bespoke builds in many different sectors of the market with disaster recovery being no exception.

We were approached by a customer to design and build a multi role Bowser.

The brief of the build was to build a highway tow Bowser with the capacity to carry 2000 litres of water complete with a pressure washer for washing down and a water pump for firefighting.

The Solution

Trailer Engineering set out to design a bowser with the above capabilities.

Trailer Engineering built an extended chassis to accommodate a 3000psi diesel electric start pressure washer and an engine driven water pump capable of pumping 140 litres a minute, keeping within the approvals for highway tow, being whole vehicle type approved they have a limited scope for dimension change to accommodate special builds.

The Result

Trailer Engineering now have a multi-functional Bowser capable for flood clean up and fire control.

If you have a special requirement for any Bowser application Trailer Engineering have a dedicated research and development team with over forty years’ experience in the industry.