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Gone are the days of bulky fuel tanks and inefficient fuel storage methods. The fuel cube takes centre stage as a game-changing fuel storage solution that maximizes both space and functionality. This cutting-edge invention is specifically engineered to ensure the efficient storage and transportation of fuel, addressing the challenges faced by industries relying on a steady supply of fuel. Fuel cubes come in a variety of sizes and can be manufactured from either steel or polyethylene. Both types of fuel cube come with full U.N. certification meaning not only can your store fuel but you can also transport the fuel cube while full of diesel, jeta1, HVO and other fuels on the public highway, by sea, air and rail. Fuel cubes generally come fitted with external generator feeds making them the ideal fuel storage tank for long term generator sets as well as having the option to refuel equipment via a pump set up if fitted. The fuel cube can also be configured to be used as a Adblue/DEF storage tank please see our Adblue range by clicking here. 


Litre capacity


Litre capacity


Litre capacity

Trailer Engineering’s Fuel Cube Guide

What is a Fuel Cube?

Filling up a fleet of vehicles or a power supply can be time-consuming when you need to physically go to a fuelling station. This can be frustrating for vehicles on the road but can also waste time and effort. This is where a fuel cube is a lifesaver. A fuel cube is a static fuel tank. They are manufactured to guarantee the efficient storage and transportation of fuel. The purpose is to save space on a lorry and when in the depot.

Comprising four-way forklift pockets, lifting points, and external generator feeding points, it ensures swift refuelling of machinery, generators, or vehicle fleets. Compact and durable, they are used in a wide range of industries. Due to their compact design, they are easily transportable to guarantee quick refuelling of vehicles, such as aeroplanes, in an emergency situation. Its space-saving qualities benefit any company or industry with a lack of space on site.

Fuel Cube

What are the Benefits of a Fuel Cube?

Utilising fuel cubes is a fantastic way to be more cost-effective and efficient in your business. Fuel cubes are used in a wide variety of industries such as the agriculture industry, the aviation industry, and the power generation industry. But what is a fuel cube and what are its benefits?

They Are Convenient

The compact size of a fuel cube, such as a bunded diesel fuelcube, means that you can install them in smaller spaces compared to a regular tank. The convenience means that you can move it by a forklift rather than hiring a fuel truck to refill the container. This is especially useful in sites that have no access points. It also helps in locations where there's a considerable amount of adverse weather conditions stopping entry to the site, such as in the construction industry where excess rainfall can cause problems with the ground.

They Are Environmentally Safe

It's more important than ever to comply with fuel bowser regulations and ensure our equipment is environmentally friendly. As fuel cubes are double-walled, you do not need extra spill pans. When you use a double-walled tank, the upgraded containers won't just help you save the environment but also help you save money by significantly reducing your need for spill pans.

Green fuel cube

They Are Secure

One of the major issues with any depot is guaranteeing it’s secure and safe from all unauthorised users. As each fuel cube is lockable, you won't need an additional lockbox and will protect your fuel from any potential criminal activity.

If you are looking for a cost-effective method to store fuel, you can find a fuel cube for sale to fuel your power needs. Using fuel cubes is a fantastic method to save money and space. If you are a business with on-site fuel needs, a fuel cube can help you save money with bulk fuel, but it is a fantastic timesaver to get the fuel exactly when you need it.

Legally Transporting Fuel

If you’re transporting fuel on the public highway you will need either ADR or U.N Certified tank/IBC ( intermediate bulk container) you can transport up to 1000 litres of fuel without needing an ADR licence under U.N certification although if you have an ADR certified tank you must have an ADR licence. Anything over 1000 litres will require you to have an ADR licence in both cases. At Trailer Engineering, all of our fuel tanks are U.N certified and are fully approved for Ten years.


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