HVO Fuel: 3 Effective Ways to Store It

Trailer Engineering | 8th December 2021

Bowsers for HVO Fuel

Diesel Fuel Bowsers

HVO, which stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, is a liquid fuel that is made from a host of different types of vegetable oils. Those most common types used are soybean, sunflower and rapeseed, though others, such as animal fats, can also be used. HVO is used as a fuel for conventional diesel engines and can either be used pure or it can be blended with fossil diesel. The process to generate HVO is energy-intensive and is made by reacting the oils with hydrogen at a high level of pressure and at a high temperature.

Thanks to it being a fully-renewable source and cleaner alternative to diesel, HVO is fast increasing in popularity. With this, it means there are questions many people could have, such as how to store HVO fuel.

What are 3 Ways to Store and Transport HVO Fuel?

As with any sort of fuel, it is very important to store and transport it in the correct manner. This ensures it is not only safe but also that none gets wasted or ruined in the process. There are three main ways of storing and transporting HVO fuel that we have outlined below.

Diesel Tanks

A diesel fuel tank is one of the most efficient ways to store and transport HVO fuels. Diesel tanks will ensure there are no leaks and spills that can damage the environment or compromise the security of your fuel. They have protection from UV rays and corrosion prevention technology designed to assist if it's left in the tank for a while. Diesel tanks are easy to transport should they be needed and can hold large amounts of fuel.

Fuel Cubes

Fuelling a fleet of vehicles can take a long time if you need to take each one to a station to fill them up. This is where a fuel cube comes in. A fuel cube is essentially a static fuel tank that is manufactured to store fuel to the highest of efficiency. A fuel cube is compact in design and can be transported easily, ensuring if a vehicle needed emergency fuel, it could do so in no time at all. Fuel cubes comply with fuel bowser regulations meaning that they are environmentally friendly, secure and safe to have both stored statically and when on the move.

Fuel Bowsers

A fuel bowser is a fuel tanker that is large in size and often attached to a lorry or other large vehicle in order to transport higher quantities of fuel. You can have both static fuel bowsers and mobile fuel bowsers depending on the use. Each static and mobile fuel bowser will be high quality and durable, designed to store and keep the fuel safe, secure and protected for the environment. By having these you can safely store fuel on-site, reducing the time needed on vehicles having to drive out to a fuel station. Fuel bowsers come in a variety of sizes such as a bowser, for pickup trucks, master fuel bowsers and more depending on your needs.

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