950 Litre U.N. Approved Bunded JET A1 Fuelcube / Polycube

Description of JetA1 Fuelcube

This 950 litre fuel cube is perfect for small to medium aircraft refuelling tasks. Ideal for private helicopter owners, flying clubs, airfield operations, offshore and remote location helicopter refuelling as well as refuelling helicopters at events. Many of our customers use the JetA1 polycube in Nordic countries like Norway where the environment can be harsh. This is where the Polycube truly comes out on top compared to the conventional steel fuel cube because the polyethylene fuel cube withstands the harshest of weather preventing rust from contaminating your JetA1 aviation fuel. Polyethylene fuel tanks also produce less condensation compared to a steel fuel cube meaning there is less water in the fuel.

The 950 litre Jet A1 U.N. and CAA (civil aviation authority) certified fuel cube is manufactured from a polyethylene outer bund complete with lockable door, complete with galvanised steel frame, four way lifting points and four way fork truck sockets. The inner tank is also manufactured from polyethylene to ensure the cleanest possible fuel storage solution. This is a cleaner way to store fuel as the polyethylene tank produces less condensation than the conventional steel fuel tank meaning there is less water in the fuel and also polyethylene does not rust/corrode meaning there is no particles from the actual fuel tank over its lifetime.

All of Trailer Engineering's aviation fuel bowser range can be configured as skid base tanks, site towable trailers and E.U approved highway tow trailers. Polyethylene fuel cubes are available in 950 litre and 2000 litre variants.

This JetA1 fuel cube can also be configured to store Diesel, Kerosine, HVO, Oil, Adblue, BioDiesel. To configure this fuel cube for other fuels/liquids/oils drop us an email to [email protected]

JetA1 fuelcube Dimensions (approximate):

HEIGHT: 1.982m (78”)
LENGTH: 3.378m (133”)
WIDTH: 1.803m (71”)
TOWING HEIGHT (level) 660mm
LADEN WEIGHT: 2560kg approx - 3000kg max


985 Litre


Corrosion free, Robust Heavy Duty Polyethylene outer bund tank.


Corrosion free, Robust Heavy Duty Polyethylene inner tank to prevent fuel contamination. 2” filler cap. Contents gauge. Pressure relief valve. 1” manual vent valve fitted.


Galvanised 5mm steel frame. c/w built in fork sockets on all sides. Four corner lifting eyes. Gas strut assisted secure lockable steel access lid.


Approved to stack 2 high when full and 3 high when empty.


Hand Pump or 12v Flameproof pump, 100AH battery in box, facet filter monitor, Max 7m of hose, Bonding Reel, ZVF Trigger Nozzle, Sample Hand Pump, Non resale flowmeter.


Black Polyethylene outer tank as standard. Other colours available. Galvanised frame and lid.

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