2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser Large Trough

£3,360.00 + VAT

The 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser Large Trough is used for farms that can be accessed without using public highways. Due to its floatation wheels, the animal feeder site bowser is suitable for off roading to access any areas where animals may need feeding in rough terrains.

The 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser Large Trough has a fully welded chassis and two stabilising drop stands to give it a strong base and stability so it do not tip whilst being used by the animals. It has a self-filling trough which will automatically happen when the water level drops. The float will allow water to go through, refilling the trough and meaning it can be left in remote locations without needing to be manned.

See the link below for a YouTube walkaround of the 2000 litre site tow water bowser fitted with a large rear animal feed trough

Animal Trough Bowser – YouTube

Technical Specifications


  • HEIGHT: 1.600m (63”)
  • LENGTH: 3.861m (152”)
  • WIDTH: 1.854m (73”)
  • TOWING HEIGHT: (level) 420mm
  • LADEN WEIGHT: 2460kg


Our 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser With Large Trough is constructed from a 5mm pressed steel section fully welded with a 100 x 50 R.S.C ‘A’ frame drawbar and a front standplate.


The Trailer Engineering 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser With Large Trough Single comes with a solid beam axle fitted with 6 stud 205 PCD Hubs.


2 No. 10.5 X 15 flotation tyres on 6 stud 205 PCD rims.


2” Forged solid ring eye.


Our 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser With Large Trough comes with a polyethylene moulded tank, elliptical in section, with internal anti-surge baffle, 2” front draw off, 2 rear outlet connections, fitted with an 18” lockable outer hinged manlid cover, inner sealed vented manlid. Tank secured to chassis with 2 stainless steel straps.


Front Screwjack. Atlas Plastics 30 Gallon Double Water Trough. Tough Strong and a leading industry product fitted with B.S Ball valve. Float protect by plastic cover. 2 rear prop stands.

Dimensions of Animal Trough :- 47″ x 19 x 11 (1193 x 482 x 280 mm)
Capacity – 136 litres/ 30 Gal.


The 2000 Litre Animal Feeder Site Bowser With Large Trough’s Poly tank is available in yellow, green, blue or red (blue drinking water) Galvanised chassis.


K1 semi rotary hand pump c/w in line ‘Y’ strainer, 15’ of 1″ fuel hose & trigger nozzle. Options available on request: Electric Pump, Petrol Pump, Non Resale Flowmeter.


Tank- Primer and two top coats, single British Standard colour. Galvanised Chassis.

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