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The 2000 litre GSE highway tow aircraft water bowser is a water bowser that has been manufactured to be a water replenishment unit for the turnaround and servicing of commercial aircraft water during ground handling operations at commercial airports.

The water bowser is built onto a heavy duty 3000kg highway towable trailer that is fitted with a 2000 litre water tank in drinking water blue.


To prevent water freeze ups during winter periods across airfields this 2000 litre water trailer is fitted with a trace wire heating system as well as a immersion heater to prevent the water from freezing up. As a result of preventing freeze ups the ground handling operations team can continue to efficiently turn around passenger jets for the next flight, reducing the risk of delaying the next commercial flight.

On the 2000L aircraft drinking water bowser there is a Centrifugal Brass bodied pump, that is pedestal mounted and driven by a belt. The water pump is powered by a diesel electric start Yanmar L70 engine. To protect the water pump a In line Y strainer is fitted.

Some of the safety features on this ground support water bowser includes a enclosed engine belt guard and in line pressure relief valve set at 55psi. There is also specialist breakaway coupling fitted to the end of the 3/4″ Brewers delivery hose as well as a 3/4″ aircraft drinking water coupling to protect the aircraft from someone driving the trailer away while the delivery hose is still connected to the aircraft.

This ground handling water bowser is fitted with 30ft of ¾” Brewers hose that is supplied with a spring rewind hose reel. There is also a resettable digital flow meter for information on how much water has been distributed during these ground handling duties.

Other equipment on this water bowser includes a set of step ladders mounted onto a bracket on the water bowser so that the ground handling team can reach the aircraft’s fill point connections. There is also a Amber beacon for airfield visibility of the bowser and 2 x advertisement boards on the side of the trailer. A rear bumper bar will also be fitted to protect the hose reel.

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Technical Specifications


Centrifugal Brass bodied pump, pedestal mounted and driven via a belt. In line Y strainer, in line pressure relief valve set at 55psi, 30ft of ¾” Brewers hose fitted to spring rewind hose reel c/w in line break away connection and ¾” Aircraft Drinking water coupling. Digital 4 digits resettable in line

110V trace heating fitted to pipework from tank to hose reel and Insulation. Reverse flow suck back to tank feature to empty contents of hose on reel to prevent freezing.


Electric start Yanmar single cylinder diesel engine fitted with secondary exhaust smoke filter unit. Back up recoil hand start fitted.


100AH heavy duty leisure battery fitted in steel locking box c/w master switch. Split level charging unit fitted to battery c/w cable and ISO plug to enable charging of trailer battery from towing vehicle. 110/240 V 12-volt battery charger fitted in battery box c/w mains lead. Consumer unit fitted with 2 RCD switched fuses connected to trace heating and immersion heater, and battery charger 110V trace heating fitted to external chemical pipe work c/w insulation, 110V 1000-Watt immersion heater fitted into base of front chemical tank, Air temperature sensor unit fitted externally on trailer to switch trace heating on. Immersion heater works when plugged into 110V power supply for overnight frost protection.


2900kg Gross Capacity Braked E.U Highway Galvanized Chassis.

Constructed from 5mm pressed steel full welded with front mounting plate and 100 x 50 R.S.C A Frame.

What Is GSE In Aviation?

GSE stands for Ground Support Equipment. This is the term for any equipment that helps turn around an aircraft while on the ground (at the airport / airfield). Aircraft GSE could be from a range of ground handling equipment on the apron including airport tugs, baggage trolleys, stairs to the aircraft, electric power, tow and pushback trucks, passenger buses, refuelling equipment / tankers, catering, and even water bowsers / toilet (lavatory) servicing vacuum tankers such as the products above.

GSE / Ground Support Equipment is vital for maintaining aircraft and especially for turning around commercial aircraft within their turn around schedules to ensure the airline keeps flying without delay. Any delay can cause a loss in revenue in which is why it is important to make sure not only you have the right equipment available but also a reliable product that gets the job done efficiently.

GSE Water Truck / Water Bowser

GSE water trucks / water bowsers deliver Non-potable water to the aircraft for washing hands in the lavatory sinks, as well as potable water for making hot drinks in the galley. The water is supplied by the relevant truck / trailer and pumped into the relevant tanks on the aeroplane.

GSE Toilet Service Unit / Vehicle

GSE Toilet Service Units / Vehicles empty the aircrafts sewage lavatory tank by pumping the waste into a vacuum tanker / truck that then takes the waste away for treatment and disposal. During this servicing of the aircraft’s toilets, the waste tank on board the aircraft is then partially refilled with a mixture of bio-based disinfectant and water to deodorize the waste tank and kill any bacteria. The above vacuum tanker / toilet service unit has got a twin tank one side being for the waste that is removed from an commercial aircraft and another tank for the water and “blue juice” disinfectant.

GSE Toilet Tanker vs Truck

As part of a ground handling service of an aircraft there are multiple rolls needed for a turn around of a commercial airliner, this is why you see multiple vehicles and trailers around a aircraft at the airport. From refuelling the aircraft to removing baggage and reloading baggage as well as everything else needed for the next flight. To minimise the amount of vehicles needed, it is a great solution to operate toilet service units as a towable trailer because this will mean that you don’t have a single dedicated vehicle to service the toilets. The tow vehicle can also be able to achieve a secondary task such as bringing in cleaning crew, or even removing the bags of rubbish from a aircraft, giving you a single unit that can be used for multiple rolls. Another great advantage to using a trailered vacuum tanker is that not only is the unit a lot cheaper than a toilet service truck but also if the vehicle was to break down you are able to still use the toilet service unit by simply using another tow vehicle, making the availability of these units even better. There are options to use a toilet service truck these units tend to be more expensive than the trailer unit as it is a complete self propelled vehicle with a toilet tank fitted to the chassis. The advantage to operating a toilet service truck is that it is on one unit, meaning that when it returns to the depot it will take up less room than a truck and a trailer, giving you more storage space.

Trailer Engineering can offer both toilet service trailers as well as a option for a toilet service truck and even a option for a demountable skid base toilet tank that can be fitted onto the back of a lorry / truck and then removed to be mounted on a trailer or even to be left in the depot as a stand alone toilet unit.


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    *Offloading of heavy items such as bowsers & tanks should be made by a forklift with extended forks or similar heavy lifting equipment. If you will be offloading via an overhead crane and require delivery to be made on flat bed vehicle please advise prior to purchase as additional charges may apply, our standard delivery vehicles are normally curtain sided vehicles and don’t allow access for overhead cranes. If a forklift with extended forks is not available to offload, please advise prior to purchase as we can make alternative arrangements i.e. Via HIAB Delivery. However, these special deliveries will be POA.

    *Delivery is a kerbside service only, and not a “drop at your door service”. Arrangements must be made by the customer to manoeuvre the tanks into position.

    * It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is safe and adequate access for large lorries.

    *Trailer Engineering Will contact you prior to despatch to advise delivery date, if for any reason delivery is attempted and failed on the advised date, it is the customers responsibility to cover the initial transport costs and any additional charges to get the units back to ourselves and Re-delivered on another date. Therefore, it is vital that if delivery is expected on a specific date that someone is available with the correct offloading facilities and can sign for the goods at the delivery address as additional charges for failed deliveries can be significant.

    *As offloading is the customers responsibility any damages to the units which is caused during the offloading process wouldn’t be covered under warranty and would be the customers responsibility.

    *Tanks cannot be left without a customer’s signature.

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