‘The Rainmaker’ A portable, powerful, high-volume sanitising solution

Key Points

Destroys wide range of organisms

Safe to use on any surface


Effective over large areas

Destroys surface bacteria’s


Trailer Engineering is offering it's expertise in cleaning equipment in order to help disinfect large and public areas. We have teamed up with several chemical manufacturers and cleaning companies to offer an effective solution to cleaning large areas. We are investing in revolutionary bactericidal agents to offer with our disinfectant water bowsers for cleaning streets, parks, buildings, roads, pavements, railings and other public areas.

These bactericidal agents destroy a wide range of harmful micro-organisms and bacteria. Below you will find information on our revolutionary bactericidal agents and also cleaning equipment that can be used with these agents and how to effectively distribute the disinfectant to successfully remove viruses.

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    Trailer Engineering is receiving stock of a revolutionary bactericidal agent called SQUAD. SQUAD is a Sanitiser / Steriliser, Disinfectant that destroys bacteria and harmful micro-organisms.

    This powerful germicide contains a revolutionary bactericidal agent in which has been proven to destroy a wide range of organisms at low dosages.

    This product will eliminate Escherichia Coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Typhosa, Staphylococcus Aureus, Streptococcus SPP, Saccharmomyces Cerevisiae and can virtually kill 100% of these organisms under laboratory conditions and will achieve this within a few minutes.

    SQUAD also deodorises by using its bacterial actions in which rapidly controls the growth of micro-organisms which produce sulphides with their associated unpleasant smells.

    SQUAD's highly active organic bactericidal agent retains its activity well, in the presence of organic matter and water hardness. SQUAD is safe to use on any surface as its non-corrosive action will not attack aluminium or other light alloys.

    SQUAD is biodegradable as it is non-caustic, non-alkaline and has no toxic fumes. Its specially biologically soft ingrediants make this product readily biodegradable. SQUAD eliminates the need to use old fashioned products in which contain chlorine. SQUAD is a non-flammable product.

    SQUAD destroy's surface bacteria’s and harmful micro-organisms, the major groups of micro-organisms, namely bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, protozoa, and viruses.

    Who uses SQUAD?

    SQUAD is used for many cleaning applications and has a current customer base of the catering industry who use this product for sterilising vending machines, ice cream servers, sandwich boards, cold stores, waste bins, refrigerators, floors, etc. For these applications the use rate is 1:80 with water. Another industry that uses SQUAD is the food and brewing industry in which use SQUAD for sterilising sausage skins, controlling algae in bottle pasteurisers, etc and has a use rate of 1:1000 with water.

    When using a water bowser for industrial cleaning of exterior surfaces we recommend the initial blend would need to be 5% mix ratio and you may be able to reduce this down to 3% on repeat applications to the infected surface. Therefore for 1000 litres of water you may require 50 litres of SQUAD and for a repeat application you will then need 30 litres of SQUAD to 1000 litres of water.

    Handling Information

    SQUAD Diluted Handling Information
    Colour Red
    Odour None
    pH (Concentrate) 9.5 - 10.0
    pH (Diluted) 7.0 - 8.0
    Flash Point (Concentrate) Non-Flammable
    Fire Precaution None
    Type of Fire Extinguisher Water
    Miscible in Water Yes
    Adverse Reactions Do NOT mix with any other chemicals as they may deactivate SQUAD
    Health & Safety Category (H) Innocuous
    SQUAD Concentrate Handling Information
    Colour Red
    Odour None
    pH (Concentrate) 9.5 - 10.0
    pH (Diluted) 7.0 - 8.0
    Boiling Point / Range °C >100
    Melting Point / Range °C <0
    Viscosity Non-viscous
    Solubility in Water Soluble
    Also Soluble In Miscible With Lower Alcohols
    Relative Density 1.0


    This product in a diluted form is neutral in reaction and considered to be fairly harmless. However the skin should not be exposed to any chemical substance for longer than is avoidable. It is therefore in good practise to wear protective gloves, goggles and clothing.


    For eyes, flush immediately with cold water, if ingested drink 1 pint of water or milk, seek medical attention, remember delay to a minor incident could turn into a more serious one.


    Small spillages should be hosed down with water and for large spillages absorb and dispose of in accordance to local regulations.

    Handling Precautions for SQUAD Concentrate :

    First Aid For Concentrated SQUAD :

    Remove all contaminated clothing / footwear immediately unless stuck to skin. Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. If in contact with eyes bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes and consult doctor. If ingested wash out mouth with water and consult doctor. If inhalation has occurred remove casualty from exposure ensuring one's own safety whilst doing so and consult doctor.

    Symptoms / routes of exposure - There may be irritation and redness at site of skin contact, in contact with eyes there may be irritation and redness in the eyes and they may water profusely, if ingested there may be soreness and redness in the mouth and throat also inhalation may cause irritation of the throat and feeling of tightness in the chest, this exposure may also cause coughing or wheezing. Immediate effects can be expected after short term exposure.

    Fire-Fighting Measures :

    The advice to fire fighters is to wear self contained breathing apparatus and wear protective clothing to protect skin and eyes. In combustion SQUAD emits toxic fumes and suitable extinguishing media should be used for the surrounding fire and water spray should be used to cool containers.

    Exposure Controls And Personal Protection :

    Engineering measures - ensure there is  sufficient ventilation of the area.

    Respiratory protection - Self-contained breathing apparatus must be available in case of emergency, in case of emergency keep bystanders upwind away from danger zone and do not approach from down wind. Mark out contaminated area and prevent access to unauthorised personnel, If any leaking containers turn the container leak side up to prevent escape of liquid.

    Skin protection - wear P.P.E for example protective gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing - ensure eye bath is to hand.

    Handling And Storage Of Concentrate SQUAD :

    Avoid direct contact with the substance and ensure there is sufficient ventilation. Do not handle in a confined space and avoid the formation of spread of mists in the air. Store in a cool, well ventilated area and keep the container tightly closed.

    Transport Information :

    • U.N number - UN1760
    • Shipping name - Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S
    • Transport class - 8
    • Packing group - I
    • Environmental hazardous - No
    • Special precautions - No special precautions
    • Tunnel code - E
    • Transport catorgary - 1

    Stability And Reactivity Of Concentrate SQUAD :

    SQUAD concentrate reactivity is stable under recommended transport and storage conditions. The chemical stability is stable under normal conditions and hazardous reactions will not occur under normal storage and transport conditions.

    Decomposition may occur in exposure to conditions or materials such as :

    • Conditions to avoid - Heat
    • Materials to avoid - Strong oxidising agents and Strong acids
    • Haz. decomp. products - In combustion emits toxic fumes

    For disposal of product and containers arrange collection using a specialised disposal company.

    The manufacturer of this product states they have a continuous policy of improving and updating the formulations so therefore the information in this specification is liable to change without notice.

    How to apply SQUAD

    Once squad has been mixed to the correct amount of chemical to water ratio simply spray onto the infected areas as close as possible to the surface working in conjunction with the optimum spray pattern of the applicator. Take flow rates into consideration when spraying as some surfaces may be porous.

    Disinfectant water bowsers

    We have experience in a range of multiple techniques to deploy chemicals disinfectants over large areas. Lately, Trailer Engineering has engineered a solution to distribute chemicals by simply customising our existing product range. Project S consists of using a standard water bowser containing a mix of chemical and water. Which then has multiple optional extras attached to distribute the disinfectants. A mixture of SQUAD and water can be sprayed using a spray bar  for cleaning floors, roads and pavements, pressure washer and hotwash pressure washer for all surfaces, rainmaker or cannon for airborne organisms.

    Project 19 can be customised to suit every application. We offer our popular pressure washer / rainmaker combo in which may give a high pressure wash down as well as tackling airborne organisms. We also can source fans and cannons for tackling airborne organisms, these products come in the option of single or double fans for multiple direction. Standard spray bars are also available for decontaminating floors, roads or pavements.

    These water bowsers come as standard in the form of 500 litre, 1125 litre and 2000 litre water tanks and can be fitted to fully certified highway tow able trailers, site tow able trailers or as a static unit. If you require a larger water tank or a bespoke product then the team will be happy to design and manufacture a product to suit your requirements.

    3000 psi pressure washer water bowser